Readers Cup .....time is running out


In the lead up to registration this year we have been running a crowd funding campaign to raise money to produce a documentary about Readers Cup and we need your support.

Why we need your support:

The competition, run by the Queensland branch of The Children’s Book Council of Australia, began in 2004. Although we have many schools throughout Qld competing, each year there are many staff changes and new school coordinators are sometimes unsure of how it all works. We are frequently asked what a competition looks like. A professionally developed film would give people who have never participated, an idea of how it works. It can also be shown to teams to show them how other teams prepare. We plan to shoot the film in May and June during regional competitions focussing on two teams to show how they prepare and then film their regional competition.To do this we need to raise $5000. We are half way there with $2500 already promised, so we are seeking the additional $2500 through The Australian Cultural Fund platform. Personal donations are tax deductible.

With only 6 days to go, thank you to our 38 supporters who are listed who have donated $1344 which is 54% of what we need.

Can you help with a small donation? - go to the campaign website to donate.

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