Kaye Throssell Community Projects

What is it?

The community projects program was the brainchild of the late Kaye Throssell and commenced operating in the early 1990s. Kaye’s vision was to donate books to organisations and groups who provide services to children and young people who suffer from some form of disadvantage.

How does it work?

Our Qld Branch volunteers consult with an organisation to see how we can help, then appropriate books are acquired and presented ready for use.

How can you help?

There are many children’s support groups throughout Queensland that could benefit from the donation of quality books, and members are encouraged to contact us with their suggestions for our consideration. It would be great if we can take the vision of Kaye Throssell to disadvantaged children throughout Queensland. Please be involved if you can. Donations of suitable books that are in new or as new condition are always appreciated.

Judith Russell

Kaye Throssell Community Projects Co-ordinator


2021 Projects

Life Without Barriers 260 early childhood books to stock 6 of their Travelling Book Suitcases as part of their Hook into Books campaign (August)

Brisbane Youth Education and Training Centre (operating inside Brisbane Youth Detention Centre) 161 books for teenagers for their school library (July)

Queensland Program of Assistance to Survivors of Torture and Trauma (QPASTT) 250 books (20% culturally diverse/multilingual titles for children of refugee and asylum seeker families to learn English and retain their own first language) (July)

2020 Projects

QPASTT  431 books (January) 

Drought Angels Chinchilla 26 books for a farming family in regional Qld (June)

Youth Plus Foundation 61 books for Flexi-Learning Centres

2019 Projects

Ronald Mc Donald House Charities (facilities at the Gold Coast University Hospital adjacent to the Children’s Ward and the Neo Natal Unit) 675 books for library for inpatients at the hospital and 160 books donated for adult family members

Youth Plus Foundation 165 books for Flexi-Learning Centres

2018 Project

Save the Children Australia 721 books for Doomadgee, a remote indigenous community. Used to stock a trailer re-purposed as a mobile library.

2017 Projects

The Unknown Project 130 preloved books were used for suitcase rummage events to raise funds to purchase school materials for refugee children helped by the Romero Centre

Save the Children Australia  820 books (divided between stocking for vans providing kindergarten services to children living in to caravan parks in regional Qld, new youth outreach centre in Mt Isa and Doomadgee in north-west Qld.

2016 Projects

Hummingbird House 80 books for their library

Ronald McDonald House 690 books for new house at South Brisbane

Community project workers (above) L to R:  Judy Russell, Shannaen Kenney and Coralie Ross at Ronald McDonald House.

Certificate of appreciation being presented by Ripesh Gupta (Ronald McDonald House staff) to Judy Russell (Queensland Branch of the CBCA) (below).

Picture below: Community Projects coordinator, Judith Russell (second from the right), Lyn Linning (life member, far right), presenting books to QPASTT with Qld Branch President, Claire Jackson (far left) in July 2021.

In 2021 the Qld Branch also donated books to the Youth Detention centre, pictured above.

The image below was taken a few years ago, when John Moffatt (centre), and Kaye Throssall (second in from the right) presented a selection of books to Project Love and Care.