Readers Cup 2020 Competition Update

Update 20/04/20

Because students have not all returned to school this term it is with much regret that we have decided to cancel all Reader's Cup competitions for 2020  and look to planning for 2021.

  • Online schooling is confirmed for the first 5 weeks of this term,  and the decision about schooling after this will not be made until week 4 or week 5 at the earliest.

  • Many schools would not have multiple copies of books, or have access to eBooks, and therefore students will have no ability to continue to access the copies of the titles they need.

  • Even if schools could communicate with their Reader's Cup teams online, the priority for online learning will be for students to access and complete curriculum materials - not co-curricular events and tasks

  • We think it best if all Regions and age groups are canceled to demonstrate a united front

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