bilby awards

Books I Love Best Yearly

The BILBY Awards are the Children's Choice Awards organised by The Children's Book Council of Australia (Queensland Branch).

Each year throughout Queensland hundreds of children select their favourite book and nominate it for the BILBY Awards. It is a wonderful opportunity for young people to exercise their voice, to have a say about what they read. This is their very own book award.

Bilby Timeline

Jan 23  - March 31 Term One  Nominations open, children nominate the book they love best
March 31 - Nominations close
April 18 - September 15:  Terms Two and Three - Shortlist announced, children read and choose the book they love best.
September 15 - Voting closes
November 22 - Awards day. Winners are announced at Bulimba State School.


We love our new look Bilby and are posting his image everywhere! He will soon make an appearance on our bookmarks and posters. Also this year, we have provided printed copies of a nominations form, whch you can send back to us via snail mail, or email us the results.

All information about voting is here.

Nominations for the BILBY awards are NOW OPEN! VOTE HERE (until March 31)

There are three readership categories:

Early Readers

Picture books and story books for readers under 8 years old

Younger Readers

Books for readers aged 8 to 12 years old

Older Readers

Books for readers over 12 to 18

Selection Criteria:

The book can be from anywhere in the world, but must be written or translated into English

It cannot be a previous winner

In each category, the award is for a specific title, not for a book series

2016 BILBY Award Winners

Early Readers

The Book with No Pictures

B J Novak

Younger Readers

The 65-Storey Treehouse

Andy Griffiths & Terry Denton

Older Readers


Suzanne Collins